VLS Series

VLS Series

Line Array System

VLS-X10   /   VLS-X18S

X10 / Line array 10”
X18S / DSP Subwoofer 18"


• High SPL Compression Driver
• Neodymium structure
• 3" Voice Coil
• Minimizes distortion
• Uniform pressure level


Card image cap

10" Low-mid Frequency driver

Card image cap

2.5" Voice Coil

Optimized motor and suspensions

Assembly & Enclosure System

Quick and precision rigging points

Effective and precise system for a fast and safe adjustment. It has never been so easy to set up a system thanks to its handles. Fully compatible with X-FRAME.

0 to 7 adjustment angles + 2 angle socket

Seven optimized angles for a better coverage and controlled comb filtering.

Rugged and strong materials

Housed in a rugged all-wood cabinet and High resistance finish covering with a strong and easy to use rigging system.

Placement of angle in central axis

Just one adjustment is needed to setting up the coverage, safe and quick


• 18" Low Frequency Woofer
• 4" Voice Coil
• Class D Amplifier
• Continuous Power 1500W SUB + 2x 800W SAT

PANEL & DSP Controller

Low noise 32-BIT DSP Circuit.
USB/RJ45 DSP Remote Control.

User Customizable DSP Preset

Enclosure, Protection & Mounting

Baltic Birch Plywood.
Customized Padded Protective Cover.

SKP VLS Software V1.0

• Adjustable input and output delay
• 8 band full parametric EQ on input
• 8 band full parametric EQ on output
• Programmable gain and limiters


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