QW Series


15 Active speaker


Self Powered 18” Subwoofer.


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  • Q Linear MAX

    Damping system specially designed for a greater linearity in the excursion of speakers, reducing distortion and increasing the efficiency of transducers.

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  • Q Phase

    Processing of the signal that is sent to each transducer that achieves a coherent interaction between them through the temporal analysis of the crossings between the speakers. Maximize equipment performance by obtaining an ideal response in frequency and phase

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  • Direct Wave

    The equipment is designed to generate an optimized wavefront that improves intelligibility throughout its cover area. Ideal for any space and situation.

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    Enclosure Asymmetrical, birch/poplar plywood

    Large display


      QW 15

    • Power Rating


    • Woofer


    • Voice Coil


    • 1.75" Compression driver FerroFluid

    • 2 channel

    • Full built-in dsp

      QW 18S

    • Power Rating


    • Woofer


    • Voice Coil


    • Class-D amplifier

    • 2 XLR balanced inputs

    • Full built-in dsp


    DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

    QW 15

    15" Active Loudspeaker

    Optimization according to speaker location
    Treble/Bass +/-10dB graphic equalizer
    Selectable high pass filter cut frequency
    Configurable speaker mode

    QW 18S

    Self Powered 18" Subwoofer

    Normal / Cardioid / Endfire subwoofer configuration
    m / ft Unit Delay asignment
    Selectable system crossover frequency
    Configurable subwoofer mode


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    2 adjustment

    Two optimized angles for better coverage and controlled comb filtering.
    These angles are 0 ° and 7.5.

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    Robust and resistant

    Housed in a robust wooden cabinet and high resistance finish with a strong
    and easy -to -use mounting system.

    Technical specifications

    Model QW-15 QW-18S
    Type of system Autoamplified 15 ”, Bidirectional, Bass-Reflex 18 "self -consplified subwoofer
    Maximum SPL 136 dB 135 db peak
    Frequency range (-10db) 41 Hz - 19,7 kHz 30 Hz - 150 Hz
    Frequency response (± 3dB) 56,9 Hz - 17,4 kHz 33 Hz – 121 Hz
    Inputs 1x Combined connector XLR/1/4 ”balanced with microphone/line selector; 1x xlr balanced. Two XLR combined connectors/ 1/4” balanced
    Output 1x XLR Balanced (Link/Mix) 2x xlr balanced
    Input impedance 20K OHMS (balanced), 10k ohms (not balanced) 20K OHMS (balanced)
    Signal indicators Configurable front LED function, ON/OFF/Limit Configurable front LED function, ON/OFF/Limit
    EQ EQ of Graves and Acute / HPF / Prejustes selectable by the user for the position and function of the monitor -
    Dynamic control (entrance) ADFL - Adaptable distortion -free limiter ADFL - Adaptable distortion -free limiter
    Crossing frequency 2,3 kHz

    Selectable DSP

    Amplifier design Highly efficient class D Highly efficient class D
    Nominal power 1600W (LF 900W HF 700W) 1600W
    Driver LF 15 -inch woofer / VC of 3 " / 85Oz / cool efficiety 18 -inch woofer / 4 "vc / cool efficient / 105 oz
    Driver HF 1.75 "Compression / ferrofluid driver -
    Coverage pattern 90° x 50° nominal -
    Box FEM optimized, asymmetric, 18 mm, birch and poplar FEM optimized, rectangular, 18 mm, birch and poplar
    Suspension / assembly Double angle 35 mm post zócalo, 12 suspension points M10 -
    Transport 2 lateral handles 2 lateral handles
    Finished Resistant paint Resistant paint
    Grid Electrostatic paint, resistant grid with acoustic transparent black fabric Electrostatic paint, resistant grid with acoustic transparent black fabric


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